Private & Corporate Commissions

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Mayans MC

FX Network

The Izel Murals  • Conrad Hilton Hotel, Dubai UAE

The Izel • Conrad Hilton Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jose Antonio Navarro

Texas Historic Society Collection

"War in Heaven" - Revelation 12:7-10

Private Collection Mexico

"Quena: Portrait of Virginia Eugenia Cardenas"

 Private Collection

Portait of Sonoma Van Brunt

Private Collection

Renate Madonna

Private Collection

The Robe

Private Collection

"Caballero Aguila/Eagle Warrior"

Harvard University Divinity School Collection

La Pistola y El Corazon

Los Lobos Album Cover

Virgen de Guadalupe

Book Cover Untie the Strong Woman

Author Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD  

Mariposa Estrella, Portrait of Jenni Rivera

Rivera Collection

Shotgun Messenger Banner

Once Upon a Time in Mexico Movie 

"Training Day" Movie Set Design Mural

Training Day Movie Set

Warner Bros Film 

Yepes Signture Guitar

Yepes Custom Signture Guitars

Yepes Wood Box Collection

Yepes Custom Wooden Box 

Academia de Arte Yepes

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Nation Aeronautics and Space Administration California Institute of Technology / NASA Collection


The Promise (vaulted ceiling) Mural

Golden State Archives Museum in Sacramento, Interior

Sacramento, California, USA

Fuego de Los Angeles

Olympics, Barcelona, Spain


Sin City 2 : A Dame to Kill For

Private Collection

Death Proof

Death Proof Movie Poster

Grindhouse Movie

Private Collection

The Castle (vaulted ceiling) Mural

Private Collection

Corrido de Boyle Heights Mural

American Me Movie

Born in East L.A. Movie


"Public Enemy" Concert Set Design

Public Enemy Concert Set Design 

FOX Network 

Mexican Flyboy

Mexican Flyboy book cover

Author Alfredo Via Jr.

The Phoenix of the South Central

 First AME Church, Exterior

Los Angeles, California, USA

Herradura Kentucky Derby 135

Herradura Collection

'Bodas de Sangre' (Blood Wedding)

Bodas de Sangre Play

Angel of Hope

Mariachi Vargas Concert

Tikkun Olam - To Repair the World

White Memorial Medical Hospital, Exterior

Boyle Heights, California, USA

Glass Windows Set Design

Providence TV Series Set Design

BlindFold: Acts of Obsession Movie

Paintings Set Design