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This section is dedicated to all those private and corporate Fine Art collectors that had the foresight to join the ranks of the modern Medeci Popes and have become part of Art History. Current worldwide Private and Corporate Art collectors including, Robert Rodriguez, Josh Brolin, Quentin Tarantino, Fox Network, Harvard University, Cheech Marin, Sean Penn, Conrad Hilton Hotel in Dubai, Patricia Arquette, Warner Bros., Los Lobos, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Dr. David Carrasco, Public Enemy, Troublemaker Studios, Dimension Films, Alfredo Vea, Jose Cardenas, Michael Nolan, Herradura Tequila, The Kentucky Derby, the Vatican, the City of Los Angeles, the State of California, ...and many more.  
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"When it comes to sheer touch that combines beautiful control 
over line and brushwork, yet seemingly spontaneous expression, George Yepes is among the best.  His darkly romantic excess can’t help but make you think he would have been Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s equal among the Pre-Raphaelites (1828 - 1882, London, England).  But these saints and sinners are hardly a throwback.  Yepes' painting has a visual density and suggestiveness that is as tantalizing to the intellect as it is arresting for the eye".

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Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer, by Gustav Klimt - Vienna, Austria, 1916
On exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel, Mizne-Blumental Collection.
A string of pearls, or “Immortality” and a place in Art History?
Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer, Vienna, Austria, 1916: 
Friederike Maria Beer was familiar with the Viennese art scene and dressed herself exclusively in fabrics from the Wiener Werkstatte design house. In 1915, when Has Bohler, her then boyfriend to whom she stayed attached all her life, wanted to give her a string of pearls as a present, she preferred to choose “Immortality” through a portrait by Gustav Klimt.  In her own words she stated that, in November 1915, she made a pilgrimage to Gustav Klimit’s studio in Hietzing, Vienna, Austria to have herself “immortalized”.  For the painting, she suggested that she should be painted in a dress and jacket from the Wiener Werkstatte design house.  The dress was tailored and designed by Dagobert Peche. The jacket was designed by Mimmer-Wisgril, and both were purchased from the Wiener Werkstatte for the portrait modeling sessions. 
In 1938, the Klimt portrait of Friederike Maria Beer was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in the first American museum exhibition devoted to Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. In 1946, the dress and jacket she wore in the Klimt painting became a part of the permanent collection of the Fashion Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Gustav Klimt portrait of Friederike Maria Beer is currently in Israel, on loan to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Mizne-Blumental Collection.     
Concurrently, George Yepes artworks are in over 40 museum collections worldwide.

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Corporate commission: MAYANS M.C. FX Networks Season 1 and Season 2

La Uvalde Dolorosa/Virgen de Guadalupe ©2022

Acrylic on Canvas, Dimensions 60" w x 96" h, Private Commission

South Coast AQMD ©2021

Corporate commission: Acrylic on Canvas, Dimensions: 22ft w x 9ft h 

"Quena: Portrait of Virginia Eugenia Cardenas"

 Cardenas Family Private Collection 

Portait of "Sonoma Van Brunt"

Private Commission: Private Collection

"War in Heaven" - Revelation 12:7-10

Private Commission: Private Collection: Puert Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

"The OutLaw and the Bride"

Private Collection

"Garden Angel": Potrait of Alexis

Private Commission: Private Collection San Diego, CA  USA

"The Maverick and the Bride"

Private Collection

"Caballero Aguila/Eagle Warrior"

Harvard University Divinity School Collection

Jose Antonio Navarro

Private Commission for Texas Historical Society: Private Collection, San Antonio, Texas   USA

Mariposa Estrella, Portrait of Jenni Rivera

Corporate Commission: Private Jenni Rivera Family Collection:  Los Angeles, CA  USA

Virgen de Guadalupe

Book Cover "Untie the Strong Woman"

Private Collection: Author Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD  

La Pistola y El Corazon

Warner Bros. Records: Los Lobos "La Pistila y El Corazon" Album Cover

Mexican Flyboy

Mexican Flyboy book cover

Author Alfredo Via Jr.

Shotgun Messenger Banner

Once Upon a Time in Mexico Movie Commissioned by Troublemaker Studios, Austin, Texas  USA

"Training Day" Movie Set Design Mural

"Training Day" Movie Set Design

Commissioned by: Warner Bros. Movie Studios:  Los Angeles, CA  USA   

The Promise (vaulted ceiling) Mural

Commissioned by: The Governor and Secretary of State, for the State of California

Golden State Archives Museum in Sacramento, Interior

Sacramento, California, USA

Sin City 2 : A Dame to Kill For

Private Collection: Austin, Texas  USA

"Death Proof" Movie Poster

Commissioned by: Troublemaker Studios: "Death Proof" Movie Poster: Private Collection: Quentin Tarantino

Tikkun Olam - To Repair the World

Commissioned by: White Memorial Medical Center

Boyle Heights, California, USA

"Grindhouse" Movie

Commissioned by Troublemaker Studios: Private Collection: Austin, Texas  USA

The Izel Murals  • Conrad Hilton Hotel, Dubai UAE

Corporate Commission: The Conrad Hilion Hotel and Wa International Architects, London, England

The Izel • Conrad Hilton Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Renate Madonna

Private Commission: Private Collection: Los Angeles, CA  USA

"Yepes Signture" Custom Gibson Guitars Series

Yepes Custom Signture Guitars: Corporate Commission: Gibson Musical Instuments, Nashville, Tenn. USA

Yepes Wooden "Scorpion" Box Collection

Yepes Custom Wooden Box: Commissioned: Albuquerque, New Mexico   USA

Academia de Arte Yepes

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Nation Aeronautics and Space Administration California Institute of Technology / NASA Collection

Commissioned by JPL/NASA Pasadena, California USA and the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida  USA 

"El Fuego de Los Angeles"  (The Fire of Los Angeles)

Olympics, Barcelona, Spain

Commissioned by: The City of Los Angeles, CA  USA 

The Castle (vaulted ceiling) Mural

Private Commission: Private Collection: Austin, Texas  USA

"Corrido de Boyle Heights" Mural

American Me Movie

Born in East L.A. Movie

Corporate Commission: Los Angeles, CA  USA

"Public Enemy" Concert Set Design

Public Enemy Concert Set Design 

FOX Network: John Ansen Forde Theatre, Hollywood, CA  USA

The Phoenix of the South Central

 First AME Church, Exterior

Commissioned by the Hall of Administration, County of Los Angeles, California, USA

Herradura Kentucky Derby 135

Corporate commission:Herradura Tequila.  Herradura Collection

"Bodas de Sangre" (Blood Wedding)

Bodas de Sangre: Commissioned by California State University, Los Angeles, CA  USA

"Angel of Hope"

Mariachi Vargas Concert: San Antonio, Texas  USA

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