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"When it comes to sheer touch that combines beautiful control over line and brushwork, yet seemingly spontaneous expression, George Yepes is among the best.  His darkly romantic excess can't help but make you think he would have been Dante Gabriel Rossetti's (1828 - 1882, London, England), equal among the Pre-Raphaelites.  But these saints and sinners are hardly a throwback. Yepes' painting has a visual density and suggestiveness that is as tantalizing to the
intellect as it is arresting for the eye".

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My name is George Yepes, I am a Painter/Muralist from East Los Angeles. In 1993, I painted the “El Tepeyac de Los Angeles” mural in East Los Angeles, California  USA.  The original Fine Art mural is located on the exterior front facade of Saint Lucy’s Church at 3945 City Terrace Drive, on the corner of Hazard Avenue, in the City Terrace Neighborhood of East Los Angeles, California.  

For 27 years the “El Tepeyac de Los Angeles” mural at St. Lucy’s Church has stood as a beacon of hope and faith for the City Terrace/East Los Angeles community, and has been acknowledged worldwide as an iconic archetype mural of Chicano Art from Los Angeles.  For 27 years, since 1993, the mural has stood untouched as a symbol of endearment by the community, until in early April 2020 a 12foot X 12foot section of the mural was destroyed by accident.

The St. Lucy’s Church or community has no funds for the expenses of the mural restoration. As part of my expression of faith and my continued sacred vow to the Virgen de Guadalupe to keep her image alive as a resource in the East Los Angeles community and beyond, I plan to restore, not only the 12foot X 12foot damaged section, but also the entire 50foot X 50foot mural. The goal is to restore the “El Tepeyac de Los Angeles” mural at St. Lucy’s Church to its original 1993 splendor. 

I am establishing the Go Fund me Page to help me provide all the Art materials including paint, equipment, Scaffolding, tools, supplies, paint brushes, UV Top Coat Sealer protection and other materials that are necessary for the complete mural restoration. I have divided the mural surface into 8 sections. The supplies and materials needed to restore each section will cost approximately $10,000 per section. I am hopeful that the Go Fund me Page will help me to provide all of the supplies and materials needed to restore the first two or more sections of the mural. 

Forty years from now, in he year 2060, when I will be 120 years old, and it will be time to restore the mural again, it will be the Academia de Arte Yepes students that will be searched for to once again restore the mural at St. Lucy’s Church to its original 1993 splendor. Therefore, in preparation for the year 2060, during this Summer of 2020, I will also be providing a comprehensive educational program to teach the Academia de Arte Yepes students how to restore the “El Tepeyac de Los Angeles” mural at St. Lucy’s Church during the Go Fund Me mural restoration project.  

Thank you. 
George Yepes, Painter/Muralist, East Los Angeles, CA

Aug 2020



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