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"When it comes to sheer touch that combines beautiful control over line and brushwork, yet seemingly spontaneous expression, George Yepes is among the best.  His darkly romantic excess can't help but make you think he would have been Dante Gabriel Rossetti's (1828 - 1882, London, England), equal among the Pre-Raphaelites.  But these saints and sinners are hardly a throwback. Yepes' painting has a visual density and suggestiveness that is as tantalizing to the
intellect as it is arresting for the eye".

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La Dolorosa/Virgen de Guadalupe altar to honor the 21 victims of the Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting.

La Uvalde Dolorosa bears the pain of 21 bleeding wounds for the 21 victims: Her Sacred Heart skewered with 7 daggers and 14 large swords piercing her chest and abdomen.  The Uvalde banner is draped across her lap.

La Dolorosa/Virgen de Guadalupe wears the crown of thorns from the crucifixion.  Behind La Dolorosa is her flaming aura of La Virgen de Guadalupe.

La Dolorosa's green cloak of La Virgen de Guadalupe has turned to ultramarine blue with white stars.  The bleeding stripes that flow from her Sacred Heart and the sword wounds have turned into the red and white stripes of the US flag. 

Above and behind La Dolorosa is the cross of the crucifixion carved into the Uvalde oak tree from the City Seal of Uvalde, Texas.

The 21 Doves above La Dolorosa/Virgen de Guadalupe are the ascending souls of the Uvalde victims.   

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